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05/04/2014 18:57

With the advent of information technology, operating system, and web browsers, it has now become crucial for the applications to assimilate the information stocked on different data sources. This helps organizations in not only managing important information, but also helps in serving the frequently changing user expectations. For this reason, nowadays companies are looking for software developers who can sync numerous databases for providing updated information to the users. If you are also among such companies, then Aidaim.com can help you in serving your purpose.

AidAim Software is an esteemed team of software developers offering efficient, reliable and prompt software solutions for corporate business, home applications and software development. We offer a number of products like BDE Replacement Delphi Database system, Kylix Components, Delphi components etc. Delphi enables you to create vigorous database applications quickly and easily. Delphi database applications work directly with desktop databases. A Delphi database application is built using Delphi database development tools, Delphi data-access components. The Delphi components offered by us are Accuracer, EasyTable, SQLMemTable, MsgCommunicator, and CryptoPressStream so on.

We offer our clients an opportunity to work in a multithreaded environment with a number of web applications through one of our Delphi component i.e. EasyTable and Accuracer. EasyTable is an Embedded Database that stores multiple tables in a single database file for Delphi and C++ Builder that is tightly integrated with an application software component called TEasySession. Other than this, EasyTable also constitutes yet another component, namely TEasyQuery that makes an application fast, reliable and flexible. This embedded database is extremely easy to use and has the capability of embedding a database into an executable file.

We also help businesses in developing Cross Platform Database application that helps them to store, manage and update data conveniently. Accuracer is one such database system offered by us that provide multi user and multi thread facility for a user. It is considered as a cross platform database engine stocking all tables into a single file in the database. We have professionals working with us who offer highly efficient tools like VCL and CLX that can be easily downloaded from our site. Our specialized and skilled professionals always put their best efforts to offer you a customized experience every time.

So, if you also want a technical support for any of your software needs, visit us at https://www.aidaim.com/. We ensure you a better experience in highly affordable and friendly manner.