All about Robert Duggan

02/05/2014 11:04

Robert Duggan CEO also known as Bob has been successfully serving as the Chief Executive Officer of renowned biopharmaceutical company, Pharmacyclics for years. By serving as the CEO of this company, he aims at improving the life of mankind through designing, commercializing and developing ideal therapies. The reason behind his high aims and hops is his remarkable experience in various industries, ranging from PC hardware, software distribution, digital encryption, technology, consumer retail goods, medical equipment, to many other small and large businesses.

Most of the people who are aware of the field know that Pharmacyclics has been one of the best performing companies since the recession in the biotechnology sector. This eventually led Bob Duggan CEO to be perceived as a strong leader. Under his regime, Pharmacyclics has developed a great reputation. He successfully took his stock from as low as $0.57 to well over $100 in a matter of a few years. It is said about him that he has always been passionate and enthusiastic about his dreams and goals, and improving the lives of people around him.

Robert Duggan CEO is considered to have done miracles by achieving a gain of more than fifteen thousand percent for his company’s share price, in just four years. It is beyond the imagination of most other CEOs who could hardly believe these statistics in such a short period of time

Robert Duggan Pharmacyclics is not only a successful businessman, but he has always been a jack of all the trades, and explored number of fields as a director, advisor as well as investor. He has contributed to corporate planning, capital formation and management for many of his investments. In addition to being the chairman of Pharmacyclics, he has also serves MAG International as a chairman. Because of his incessant contribution, Bob Duggan has been honored by former French President in 2000 and awarded with a United States Congressman's Medal of Merit back in 1985.

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