All about sea sponge and its benefits

20/03/2015 17:36

Nowadays, everyone wants to look smart and beautiful. A clear and glowing skin gives anyone an opportunity to stand confidently among the rest. However, in today's busy and hectic schedule people don't have time to take care of themselves. Harsh environmental factors can have harmful effects on your skin. Your skin needs lots of love and care to remain beautiful, smooth and healthy. So, if you want to keep you skin healthy and glowing, you should consider best skin care products and treatments. At present day there are many natural organic products available in the market such as olive soap, sea sponge, Dead Sea products and so on.

However, one of the best and effective natural and organic products that the nature has rewarded to mankind is the Greek sea sponge. Sea sponge basically improves the quality of skin and makes your skin glowing and stunning. Now you might be wondering what sea sponge is and how it can be helpful in skin treatment. Let’s discuss it all ahead.

What are Sea sponges?

Sea sponges, is among the simplest animal organisms found primarily in oceans and seas throughout the world. Scientifically they are called as porifera and are sedentary, they don’t move around rather they are stick to the sea bed. They possess a unique ability to produce chemicals to defend themselves which can also be used to benefit mankind.

Usage of Sea Sponges:

Due to its unique ability and naturally abrasive surfaces, from centuries it has been used and harvested by many people. It has become one of the good sources of income for fishers. Apart from this, the sponges are used largely as a cleaning and applying tool. Sea Sponges are available commercially for cleaning and washing human skin plus they are also used of household and automobile cleaning or for use in arts and crafts.

Benefits of Sea Sponges:

  1. Sea sponges offer the chance to soap up and scrub down
  2. Bathing with sea sponges gives skin the best possible treatment.
  3. The rough surface of the natural sea sponges can prove to be an excellent exfoliating tool. With the aid of exfoliating, you'll get the fresh skin underneath and help keep pores free of impurities certainly.
  4. They are natural and cause no harm to skin as the synthetic sponges usually do.

Where to buy?

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