Amazing Applications of Frameless Glass

02/11/2015 12:09

When someone starts his day, he gets ready in front of mirror made up of glass. Undoubtedly, we have been using glass as a material for several of our useful objects and articles. Glass is a creative and absolute material that offers different innovative and unlimited possibilities of its applications. From the sleek and enchanting wine bottles to the elegant framing of your windows, glass has always remained a very important part of our lives, but it never caught our attention. Today, with constant evolution in trends and ultimate desire for perfection and style has led the glass industry to discover some of the most beautiful and useful applications of glass in frameless glass segment. At present, frameless glass is being used for several practical functions like office partitioning, porch and balcony design, and for superior quality interior decorations that are eye-catching yet affordable and durable. Frameless glass has smooth and parallel surface which can be cleaned and maintained easily, to add more to this property of glass, manufacturers also provide protective coating that enhances its looks and sustainability for longer time periods.

Talking particularly about the applications of frameless glass, it has created a sensation in the interior decoration industry and has impressed the experts and customers as well. Its usage varies from user to user in accordance to their tang and inclination. Frameless glass is looked upon as an alternate for balustrades made of concrete or various traditional cements beautifying them to another level, or as sliding doors which easily transform the rooms into more spacious and open them up to a level where you can feel relaxed and comfortable. Nowadays, frameless showers are also gaining popularity as they have replaced the old concept of your bathing rooms that used to stay enclosed with thick walls. They take less space in your room and can be installed easily without any involvement of long and hectic methods. Frameless showers and other frameless products are tough and sturdy as per the norms given by authorities and ensure the safety and security.

Another state of the art use of frameless glass has replaced the railings made of metals, improving the visual appeal of the place and affordability in comparison to metal. These frameless glasses come in different variations and types, frameless and semi-frameless, the frameless ones use least fitting hardware whereas the semi-frameless use noticeable fitting hardware. No matter if you want to install frameless glass balustrades Cape Town or shower doors, due to its fragile nature, you will wish them to be handled by installers who are experienced and professional. New Era Glass is one of the most renowned and well equipped agencies for the installation of custom made frameless glass-ware, manufactured by them. Based at Cape Town they have successfully delivered its perfection in frameless products to thousands of satisfied customers. To know more about the New Era Glass‘s products and installation process, visit Neweraglass.co.za.