Asset Test And Tag: Get Your Electrical Appliances Tested And Tagged

08/05/2015 10:46

It is the responsibility of every business owner to provide the employees or workforce with a safe working environment. Keeping the safety of workers in mind, there are some strict rules imposed that applies on every business owner. One such rule by The South Australian Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012 that says, it is must for business owners to have all portable electrical appliances and equipment tested on a regular basis. In case any business fails in electrical testing and tagging Adelaide, their appliances and equipment have to bear a fine of up to around $6000 from SafeWorkSA. If you are one of those smart and responsible business owners who never compromise with the safety of the most precious assets (employees) of your organization, then Assettestandtag.com.au is the finest destination to visit.

Assettestandtag.com.au is the dedicated website of Asset Test and Tag. The man behind the website is John Jones, an electrical engineer who offers unparalleled testing and tagging services Adelaide. Choosing John Jones to test the electrical appliances in your business is quite beneficial as it ensures the safety of your employees and at the same time allows businesses to run on the right side of the rules. We offer the most reliable and friendly service and avoid businesses from being fined. Moreover, we keep track of when the test is needed to be restarted, and allow you to get more convenient to opt for our highest quality of services.

We utilize the most advanced equipment in every project and hence, you can get 100% satisfaction and peace of mind. We own years of experience in this field and offer fast and efficient services. In addition, we understand the importance of time for busy business owners and offer timely services. If you want to know about the testing and tagging Adelaide process we follow, you can checkout the details available on the website.

If you want to prevent your employees from possible accidents and run business according to rules, then it is highly recommended to visit https://assettestandtag.com.au/ and consult John Jones for testing the electrical appliances in your business. His contact details are as follows:

Phone: 0419 001 224 or 1300 135 140.

Email: john@assettestandtag.com.au.