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26/05/2016 15:50

In the present competitive world, people are engaged in their fast paced lives that they find it difficult to get time for having a healthy diet, or practicing exercises and workouts. People see their job as their sole priority and in the race of achieving their goals they become ignorant of their health. They do not concentrate on the need of being well and often neglect the symptoms of the minor diseases which may lead to a chronic or severe disease. There are some diseases that start showing their significant symptoms within a week; some within a month or some may even take years to show their real effects. Thus, regular body checkups and diagnosis are more than just necessary to stop any disease right at the time when it starts showing some symptoms.

Apart from regular health checkups, a person should also get timely checkups from medical specialists such as a neurologist (neirologs) if they suffer any neurological disorder. A neurologist is a doctor that specializes in neurology, a branch of medicine concerned with the study and treatment of disorders of the nervous system. People being work oriented take a lot of unnecessary stress on themselves which in turn affects their mind and body. All day employees have to sit in front of their laptops and computers, which damages the eye sight and other vital organs like spine and back and also causes excess of stress on brain. Continuous stress can lead to depression, anxiety, and many other disorders. The most common complaints of sufferers are dizziness, memory problems, severe headaches, depression, sleep disturbance, sluggishness, weakness, tremor etc. If you are experiencing any such problem, you must not waste any time and visit a neurologist as soon as possible before it turns into a major disorder.

Also, visiting an urologist (urologs) for a check-up at least once in 6 months is recommended by several doctors. A urologist is a specialist doctor that treats uro-genital diseases occurring in both men and women. They diagnose and treat problems like urinary incontinence, difficulty in urinating, kidney stone diseases, potency and erection problems, urinary tract infections, male infertility, etc. For individuals suffering from chronic and severe diseases, VCA is a health care association that has numerous qualified doctors and surgeons who provide effective diagnosis and treatment for almost all kind of diseases. From health check, rehabilitation to dentistry you can avail almost all sorts of treatments from the clinical facility with much ease.

About VCA

VCA is a health centres association (veselības centru apvienība) that offers heath care services like diagnosis, medical treatment, complex health checks, and other necessary treatments and surgeries for all types of diseases.

For more information about their services, visit Vca.lv.