Benchmark Glass & Mirror Limited: Offering You Superior Glass Repairing Services

17/01/2017 15:51

Glass is the most versatile material which is used for several purposes in construction sector as well as in automobile manufacturing industry. Although its property of transparency and visible transmittance makes glass suitable for several purposes but it also require proper handling as it can easily break because of accidents or excessive force. Cracked or chipped glasses pose a great threat on your safety and thus they need to be replaced as soon as possible. There are a few companies such as Benchmark Glass & Mirror Limited which caters your entire glass repair and replacement services. Benchmark Glass & Mirror Limited is a leading company that provides unique glasses and also offers services of glass repair Edmonton.

Benchmark Glass & Mirror Limited aims to provide you superior glasses which are made using high standard. They have team of expert technicians who are constantly developing the latest technology for providing you remarkable services of glass repairing and installation.

The company was founded by Ron Le Clair in Nov 2007 with a goal of supplying corporate glasses. Later in Feb 2008 Kevin Bischk, and in Oct 2009 Mario Godreau joined hands and gain the ownership of this company to enhance the quality and production of the glass.

At Benchmark Glass & Mirror Limited, you can avail the following services:

· Automotive glass:

The company provides excellent windshield glass for your automobiles. Plus, they also provide glass repair Lethbridge and replacement services.

· Residential glass:

They also provide the services of installation and replacement of residential glass. Right from chipped windows, tinted glasses, wired glasses, mirrored closest doors and aluminum window repairs; they provide services for all kind of glasses.

· Commercial glass:

They are specialized in developing the commercial glasses of different shapes, sizes and styles. They have skilled workers who cater your needs and fit the glass with perfect edge cutting work.

On the whole, Benchmark Glass & Mirror Limited is a trusted business that provides various types of glass repairing and installation services including tempered glass, safety glass, beveling, mirrors, float glass, table and desk top glass, heavy equipment glass and mirrored closet doors etc.

So, if you seeking a company that provides top quality glasses and Edmonton glass repair services, then Benchmark Glass & Mirror is highly recommended for you!

To know more, you can visit Benchmarkglass.com.