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07/01/2017 14:09

Armoured cable is widely used in underground installations for transmission of electricity. The armoured cable, which is generally used for cable ducting and power networks, consist of a conductor, insulator, bedding, armour, and sheath. The steel wire armour provides mechanical protection for the cable and thus, it can bear higher stress and can be directly buried underground. The sheath used in the armoured cable is vital for holding together all the components of the cable. Cross-linked polyethylene is generally used for providing insulation to conductors inside the cable. This ensures that other metallic substances do not come into contact with the conductor. For attaching these cables to the buildings or tall structures, armoured cable cleats are used.

Armoured cables consist of single or multi-core cables, covered in a durable and strong protective sheath. This cable can be used for electric transmission, as there are minimal chance of health and safety risks if armoured cables are used. Armoured cable is very flexible and adaptable, thus they are used in various industrial applications. Bends and twists in this cable do not affect its shape or power transmission capability.

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Some of the products available from this online retailer are:

· Armoured Cable: They offer superior armoured cables in wide range of diameters, which can be used for power transmission at residential or commercial building.

· Armoured Cable Joints :  You can also purchase armoured joints of high quality and strength from this leading online store.

· Armoured Cable Glands: There are various types of internal and external glands that are used for joining armoured cables firmly. They also help in maintaining earth between the cable and the device to which it is connected.

· Armoured Cable Cleats: These are used for fixing the armoured cables to tall structures.

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