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07/10/2015 12:15

Music is one of those things that have witnessed major cultural shifts all over the world. From classical music to pop, rock, jazz and even metal, different genres stir up different moods and rule the music lists of people. One of the major shifts that music has ever witnessed is the emergence of Electronic Dance Music which is popularly regarded as EDM.

EDM has been trending in almost all dance centered areas today. Be it a nightclub, a casual party, or your personal playlist, this genre has infiltrated to all the charts and become one of the dominating genres.

EDM Joy is an online platform that provides you with all the information regarding this genre. Be it the latest release review, EDM news or anything related to EDM, you can find it all here at EDM Joy. Here, you will also be able to find all the details regarding the upcoming events of EDM and their themes. This platform makes sure that they do not miss out any piece of information on EDM.

EDM encompasses a lot of sub-genres within itself; some of the major ones being trance, dubstep, techno and house mix. Trance is a kind of music which is said to take you into a state of trance, via its electronic tunes. Trance consists of hard hitting bass, euphoric vocals and melodic synthesizers. With so much of momentum gained by this genre of music, it has become a bubbling trend to go EDM parties and events where only such kind of music is played and people are seen enjoying to the utmost level, on these groovy tunes.

EDM Joy invites all the EDM lovers to get an access to all the detailed information that is available regarding the genre. From artists like Skrillex to Avicii, you can find the latest news of their new releases, upcoming EPs and events on this website.

Regarded as a popular EDM blog, EDM Joy also allows EDM submission of your music tracks, if you are someone who is into EDM music making and wants to share it to the world. You can also download EDM music from this platform.

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