Emergency.com.au: Offers certified first aid training courses

17/02/2014 15:48

Do you wish to learn life saving skills to give you the confidence to assist people in the event of a medical emergency Yes? Then Emergency.com.au is absolutely the right place for you. Emergency First Aid Pty Ltd is a prominent, Registered Training Organisation offering first aid training courses. Our training program creates great confidence in individuals to deal with the medical emergencies. Our mission is to provide quality and affordable First Aid Training which gives basic knowledge of treatment that can be utilized at the time of medical emergency. We use interesting and innovative ways of training which includes online theory as well as practical scenarios to train our students in the best way. We also conduct public first aid training and workplace first aid courses throughout the Melbourne area.

Emergency First Aid was the first, dedicated first aid training company accredited by the Victoria Police Licensing Registration Division (VicPol LRD). Our training courses include CPR, various phases of basic life support, Advanced First Aid, Asthma Management, Oxygen and Defibrillation, and Anaphylaxis courses. We have qualified and experienced trainers who practically teach you everything so that you can quickly grasp the essence of class. We will provide a nationally accredited first aid certificate on the day of training. Our class will ensure you retain the knowledge you need to apply your first aid skills.

Our Online First Aid Course includes scenarios that are specially designed to reinforce the knowledge you gain from the online theory. It is a comprehensive and informative program that covers all aspects of first aid. The course content is constantly being updated to ensure that new Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines are represented when they are handed down. This means that you are always up to date with any changes in procedures. Our online course contains all the first aid knowledge you require, with the theory that you learn online being consolidated during the practical session

We have put our First Aid Ebook online so that you always have access to a valuable resource to help refresh your knowledge. This Ebook is a digital copy of the free training manual that you will receive on your practical day if you are completing the Apply First Aid course.We conduct Workbook First Aid Courses, Online First Aid Courses and even One on One First Aid Courses at home to ensure flexibility.

If you are looking to learn first aid for work, as a requirement for another course or just to be prepared, call us on 1300 30 11 93 or to book online visit us at www.emergency.com.au/.