Enjoy Surfing with Surfboard Rental Gold Coast

31/05/2015 13:01

Surfing is one of the best recreational sports and an activity that is full of fun, exciting and thrilling. It is an amazing activity that can be enjoyed by all ages of people. One can take a relaxing break for a couple of days from the daily hassles of life and enjoy the journey on a stylish surfboard. Also it is an exclusive way to appreciate nature's beauty and enjoy vacations in the pallid sand beaches, flickering aquamarine waters and pleasant life of beautiful oceans. Though there are many surfing destinations available all around the world, but Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast is the one that needs no introduction at all. It is deemed as the Surfers Paradise and offers inimitable culture landscape to explore world’s best cruising grounds on your surfboard. Each year most of the people from all around world make their visit to this beautiful Surfers Paradise to enjoy surfing. To explore the large ocean, people love to possess their own surfboard to personalize their holiday or some prefer to have surfboard on rent so as to enjoy surfing in a cost-effective manner.

Do you wish to enjoy adventurous and exciting surfing experience with surfboard?Are you in search of the best Gold Coast surf shops? Then, you would be surprised to know that Board Culture Community at Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast is not only committed to offering you with a wide range of surfboards but at the same time values your surfing passion. They are ready to greet you with open arms. This community has stocked the widest selection of surfboard models designed by well known shapers including: Super Brand, Na Papa Minimals, DHD, Hayden Shapes, 7s, Harvest Surfboards, and plenty more to have wonderful surfing experience in thrilling way! Here, you will get surfboard rental Gold Coast starting from beginner boards to high performance shortboards and longboards and lots more.

Apart from having stock of surfboards, this community is ready to offer event space hire for a wide range of events including: corporate function, brand release, training facility, sales meetings, photo and art display promo birthday parties or any get together.

About Board Culture Community

Board Culture Community Surf Store is one of the most beautiful and a lifestyle inspired retail space and espresso bar at Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast where each and every visitor gets fulfilled. With all the world class and luxurious amenities at one place, you are sure to enjoy wonderful holiday experience. Visit the website Boardculture.com.au to get more details about the community.