Explore Different Shades of Russia at Shadesofrussia.com

09/06/2015 15:52

Are you thinking of exploring Russia but like many scared off by what you hear and read about the country?

It is hard to get a feel for what life is really like on the ground in Moscow and Russia in general by just reading the press, just like it is for many other countries.

If it’s not something about police locking up protesters, it is about corruption or some disaster that has hit the country.

Russia is certainly one country that really suffers from a reputation problem, which keeps the place low on the travel destination charts.

But, if you are not scared off or if you are just looking for an English-language blog that shows life on the streets of Russia, then it’s worth checking out Shades of Russia.

The site is a compilation of street photography portraits from many cities around Russia and the occasional Russian village. There is also a section on landscape photos from around Russia, but the unique aspect is still the street portraits.

The portraits are generally posted with a short story in English about the person, giving the reader a bit of insight into life and the country. Some photos are simply Russian street fashion photographs.

Despite Moscow being Europe’s largest city and a fashion-conscious city, it is surprising that there aren’t more blogs dedicated to Moscow street fashion portraits.