Find out Which Chemical Detection Testing Instrument Best Suits your Requirement

12/10/2016 12:56

The technological development has given rise to various chemical and biological agents which not only increase pollution but also affect the human life. Nuclear and Radiological development has led to the invention of nuclear bombs and explosive agents that can destroy the whole country in a matter of few seconds. Thus, there is an urgent need of devices which can detect the presence of these nuclear and radiological agents. These devices should be portable, lightweight, battery powered and easy to use by non- experts also.

Besides, nuclear and radiological agents, there are also other factors which can possess great threat to human life if not detected and controlled during their initial stages. One such factor is increasing contamination of air and water because of release of highly toxic chemicals. The use of toxic chemicals in various industries has greatly increased the percentage of these pollutants in the air. Thus, for proper chemical detection testing, devices like Photo Ionization Detector, Particulate Matter Sensor, Nano Material Sensor etc. are indispensably required.

There are several companies which provide various nuclear detectors such as helium 3 detectors, Geiger Muller detector, Scillintation detectors and various solid-state detectors that can be used for detecting the presence of various radiological and nuclear agents. These devices are also essential for test and evaluation services of various chemicals used in pharmaceutical, petrochemical and food oil processing industries. Techniques like atomic force microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, pulsed-field gel electrophoresis are used for checking the amount of contaminants in water and also for water quality analysis. These devices can be used for detecting the presence of harmful micro bacterial agents in the water.

There are some reliable companies which provide databases and useful comparison of the devices being used for detecting the various nuclear, biological and chemical agents. One such company is CBRNE Tech Index. They provide reliable, unbiased and accurate information regarding various detection devices which greatly help various government industries and commercial agencies to choose what detection equipment would serve their purpose. They allow various manufactures to add their devices on their website so that the users can get the information about the best available devices in the market.

About CBRNE Tech Index:

CBRNE Tech Index is one of the leading online database providers of various devices which can efficiently detect each and every type of nuclear, biological, chemical and explosive agents. With CBRNE testing many detection devices on important parameters, comparing the products has become easier than never before. They provide a comparative and comprehensive report of all the devices we have selected on their website.

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