FlexFit Hose: Offering Extensive Range of Durable Metal Hose

08/08/2016 13:39

A PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) hose is a long, tube reinforced with stainless steel braid formulated to convey and transport chemicals or liquid with low, medium as well as high pressures. These stainless steel PTFE hose assemblies can also be used for suction purpose when it comes to dry or bulky elements. PTFE hoses are extremely flexible, have greater range of motion & bend radius within the harsh conditions, making them the most preferred material in many industries. They are used with corrosive and highly reactive materials, and this is the reason why they have to be manufactured with solid engineering principles and standards. The correct type of metal hose is essentially critical to carry safe, domestic and industrial piping or hose applications.

At FlexFit Hose, they offer safe and reliable PTFE hose and metal hose with welded hose fittings, crimped hose fitting and silicone hose to ensure material suitability with the chemical, gas or granulate that will flow through it during your processes. Their parts exceed requirements for clean process manufacturing, military, marine, auto aerospace transport and more. Additional oxygen cleaning service is also available if needed. You can depend on them for reliable range of flexible metal hoses at reasonable prices.

All metal hose manufactured by FlexFit are made out of stainless steel to provide durability and safety in all types of equipment and applications. They also use double stainless steel braiding for some PTFE lined hose, depending on I.D. for core thickness, to enhance flexibility for different pressure (ISO 10380 at maximum working pressure) and temperature tolerances from Cryogenic to 1500° F.

They excel at manufacturing quality metal hose assemblies. FlexFit Hose can also design your custom hose assembly for special projects to bear more extreme temperatures. Consider different braiding materials, such as hastelloy or stainless steel grades aside from their standard 304 SS reinforcement. These high temperature hoses are used in applications, at temperature from Cryogenic up to 1500° F, at varying pressures. They put extensive knowledge & skills in hose assembly fabrication, confirmation of its construction, crimp ferrule analysis and, or CNC to fulfill beyond typical process & automation requirements. You can purchase completely fabricated industrial hose assemblies, cut to custom lengths with selected hose fittings, or have the components delivered to you promptly in bulk. Customers of FlexFit Hose can expect the superior performance of the industrial hose assemblies to meet or exceed stringent demands for strength, flexibility and reliability in any application.

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