For Immediate Release

25/01/2017 12:50

TouchIT Technologies launches rentatouchscreen.com – a specialist division focusing on interactive flat panels for the AV rental market.

7th January 2017 – TouchIT Technologies is pleased to announce that it has launched rentatouchscreen.com – its specialist division focussing on the AV rental market. Rentatouchscreen.com is a Trade Only supplier of Interactive Flat Panels for the Audio Visual market. “Renting touchscreens in the past has been a challenge” commented Andi Brabin, CEO at TouchIT Technologies. “We've devised the ultimate touchscreen package for the AV rental company” he added.

Ready-to-rent straight out of the box, the rentatouchscreen.com range encompasses four sizes, 55”, 65” 75” and 85” that all come in a self lifting travel case. Renting touchscreens is made easy. “Our range can be delivered by a single technician to the rental customer” explained Brabin, “Simply connect the case to an outlet, pop the lid and lift the touchscreen into place” he added. “We make renting touchscreens easy” There are no complicated cables to be connected, no software to be installed and the on-board Android operating system means that the customer doesn't even need to use a computer if they want to take notes during a meeting or deliver a presentation.

For more information please visit www.rentatouchscreen.com or contact andi@rentatouchscreen.com

About TouchIT Technologies

Founded in 2008, based in Birmingham, MI, USA, TouchIT Technologies designs and manufactures innovative touch-based interactive products for use in both Education and Corporate environments under the TouchIT Technologies brand name as well as under various OEM brands throughout the world.

TouchIT Technologies has offices in Europe, Middle East and manufactures its range of interactive products in Taiwan. Rentatouchscreen.com is a trading division of TouchIT Technologies established in 2017 to serve the Audio Visual Rental market and to supply touchscreens “ready-to-rent”

For more information please visit www.touchittechnologies.com