GasFilter.com.au: Offering a wide range of filtration solution for natural gas

01/02/2014 16:15

Do you need to ensure the quality of your natural gas intake? If yes, then you can find a solution to all your problems at GasFilter.com.au. Our website will provide you with the best modeled Air/gas filters, pressure vessels and filter elements to choose from. These excellent gas filters are offered to you byPurple Engineering Pty Ltd.It is one of the leading companies which provide various engineering services in Australia and it has served for 12 years with excellence at offshore, onshore and abroad.

When natural gas is extracted from reservoir it is contaminated with water, moisture and many other unwanted particles. To screen out such particles, Gas Filtration is needed. We will provide you with such appliance that will cost you a few dollars, but after using it you can save your machines such as pumps, valves, strainers and generators from damages and save thousands of dollars. Aberration from such unwanted materials can damage the machine walls and thus decrease its life. To boost and maintain the performance of your machine, GasFilter.com.au will provide you with, not only the solution for your filter vessel and elements but will offer this with the latest technology and that also at an affordable price.

Air/gas filter with a wide pressure range specifically designed for your project is what we do. We offer Pressure Vessel for your filtration in various pressure ranges with an effective dirt holding capacity. They are fabricated and designed for unfired pressure vessels. We have a wide series of gas filters and vessels available in enameled carbon steel and stainless steel. We can also customize the models upon your request so that you can get the best match for your facility.

Another finer offering of our company is Air Intake Filter , for commercial and industrial applications. These custom made filters are approved to give superior performance in many air handling equipment. It also provides protection for compressors, blowers and gas turbines. There is a covering on the filter called Weather hood, that will guard your machine against severe climatic conditions and hence ensuring long term excellent performance. Our Air intake filters are perfect for indoor placement with exterior draws, eliminating the need to climb onto the roof for maintenance.

Easy installation of our product and unique design relive our customers from the future maintenance stress. We provide you with the best modern technology, quality services. To know more about gas filters and filter elements call us at (+61) 130062 4020 or you can also contact us via an email at info@Purple-Eng.com.au.

For more details and information about us, you can visit our website https://gasfilter.com.au/.