Get Innovative Underground Locating Products from Goldak

19/12/2015 09:55

Underground locating products have proved to be a third eye for the engineers and workmen in the industry. The ability to locate an invisible pipe, cable connection or leak from above the ground makes it possible to operate the remedy at the exact point of malfunction or fault, without which it would have been impossible to repair or service the underground entities. The public utility mechanisms like sewage pipes, mains power-supply cables, telecommunication cables etc. often need to be addressed for faults. But due to being set up beneath the ground level, it is impossible to locate their coordinates of fault without the help of pipe and cable locating equipment.

Water leak detection, if not attended at the earliest hour, results in substantial wastage of water. Underground water supply pipes are even prone to choking or valve malfunctions which subsequently results in loss of pressure head and thus slowing down the system. Instruments have been developed which use high end technology to locate water leakages beneath the ground. After the detection of the faulty site in the vast system, the counter measures can be taken at the exact spot which saves on labor as well as prevents wastage of time and money. Pipe and cable locating service is required to spot exact area under the ground to where the workmen need to plough down and attend to it.

Even at sites where construction is proposed to initiate, a survey is needed to be conducted to map all the underlying cables and pipes. Accordingly the excavation process is carried with caution so as to avoid any damage to them. The technology used to penetrate through the layers of ground and constructions is based on basic principles of early day SONAR.

Goldak is an established name in the industry of underground locating products and has been in the constant pursuit of providing quality equipment since past 82 years. Several decades of research and development has enabled the brand to eradicate all shortcomings in equipment that may be unpleasant to the working procedure. The brand thrives to inculcate the latest technology in their equipment to design the most efficient systems. The repair and spares of Goldak products have also been paid much heed towards as the longevity of an electronic instrument firstly depends on its built quality and next on the availability of spares and authorized service. For detailed literature and browsing through latest underground locating product offerings, please visit Goldak.com.