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22/06/2015 11:02

PCB is an acronym for Printed Circuit Board. PCB is basically a board base that is made from fiberglass, composite epoxy or other laminate material. The board provides mechanical support to the semiconductor components such as resistors, transistors, diodes, integrated circuits etc. The conductive pathways are etched on the board that interconnects the components to each other while providing input/output connections to make any electrical device work. They are regarded as the heart and soul of the electronic devices that we use today. From baby toys to TVs and LEDs, computer peripherals to laptops, cell phones to digital cameras, remote controls to security locks, PCB is used in every electronic device.

Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial and Instrumentation, Energy, Communication, Security and Medical Electronics, among others, are some of the industries where PCB and PCBA are required. Manufacturing of most of the electrical and electronic devices is incomplete without the PCB. One-stop PCB manufacturing services is extremely beneficial to the customers as it saves the time of the customers which they can utilize to develop new products and launch them in the market. Plus, they do not have to go to multiple suppliers, which ultimately save them a large chunk of money. And hence, it is a must for the businesses to choose one of the globally recognized Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers that excel in PCB manufacturing and assembly services.

There are umpteen advantages of outsourcing the services to dedicated company specialized in PCB manufacturing and Printed Circuit Board Assembly. Below listed are some of the advantages:

  1. Outsourcing allows the companies to concentrate on their core competencies and business goals rather than wasting their valuable time on learning non-essential functions.
  2. Outsourcing enhances the overall efficiency and productivity of the company.
  3. Outsourcing PCB manufacturing and assembly services improves the quality and reliability by up to 30%.
  4. It also enhances the sales volume and profitability.
  5. Flexibility and responsiveness improves because of top quality process machines and technology, more expertise and experience of the manufacturing professionals and also, reduces purchasing lead times.

Some of the companies offer both partial turn-key and full turn-key PCB Assembly Services to cater to the needs of every customer. For partial turn-key PCB assembly, the customers need to provide PCBs and the required components and the rest of the operation is performed by the company. But if you opt for full turn-key services, then the company will take care of everything. They manufacture the PCBs in their facility, source the entire components and endeavor to complete the project right on time.

The dedicated PCB manufacturing companies use state-of-the-art technology and premium quality materials to manufacture a wide range of PCBs such as

Material in Use:

Material in Use
Normal Tg
S1141, S1140F, Mica EG-150T, R-1755C, GA-140B-LL
Middle Tg
S1000, S1000H, S1141KF, Hitachi LA02, TU662
Halogen Free
S1150G, MCL-BE-67G(H), MCL-E-679FG, MCL-E-679G, R-1566W, R1577, EM-285, EM-370(D), NP GN-150TL, TU-862HF, IT-170GRA
High Tg
S1170, S1000-2, S1190, HR-01, HR-02, MCL-E-679F, MCL-E-679(W), MCL-E-679F(J), 370HR, R-1755V, IT-180A, IT-180I, EM-827, TU-768
Low Dk
N4000-13EP, N4000-13SI, N4000-13EPSI, Megtron 4, Megtron 6, FR408, FR408HR, TU-872SLK, TU-872SLK-SP, MCL-FX-2, S7439, S7439HW
Low Loss
RO4003, R04350
Buried Capacitor
3M C-PLY, OAK-Mitsui, Farad flex BC12TM
Buried Resistance
Ohmega-ply, Asahi Tu-50/1000-08

Sorted by layer count and other Characteristics: Double Sided PCB, Multilayer PCB, Blind and Buried via HDI PCB, Flexible PCB and Rigid Flex PCB. Surface Finishes: Lead Free ENIG /OSP /I-Ag /I-Tin /Gold finger /ENIG+OSP /ENPIG /HASL /Carbon Conductive Ink and others. Rigid Flex PCB is one of the recent developments that have revolutionized the field of electronics in a good way. Rigid-flex PCBs are basically a combination of rigid and flexible PCB and offer advantages of both of them.

If you are thinking from where you can get the best PCB manufacturing and assembly services for your business, then it is time to do some internet research and locate the best company such as Asia Pacific Circuits Co., Ltd to serve you.

About Asia Pacific Circuits Co., Ltd

Based in Shenzhen City, China, Asia Pacific Circuits Co., Ltd is a well established company that is specialized in PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly services including prototype and production. They have their own state-of-the-art facility and they offer top class Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services, which comprise fabrication of PCB, procurement of components along with complete PCB assembly and box-build service.

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