Globaloria: Making Computing and STEM Learning Exciting and Innovative for Students

22/05/2015 15:35

It’s widely held that computer programming is the new literacy. It is a highly efficient and appropriate analogy. As modern businesses have begun to implement computerized technology to enhance their efficiency and productivity, every individual must have basic computer knowledge and hands-on experience to become functionally literate in the workplace. Writing computer programs, also known as coding, is a vital skill in today’s digitized world. Digital Literacy Education should be provided to students from an early age to gain the programming knowledge and skills to successfully survive in tomorrow’s society.

Dr. Idit Harel is renowned Israeli-American entrepreneur, award-winning author and creative innovator in educational technology. She is the founder and CEO of Globaloria, which is an award-winning K12 digital learning network with courses in STEM, Computer Science from Grade School to High School Curriculum, Game Design and Coding. Globaloria courses are highly effective and introduce young learners to industry tools and practices and are aligned with national, state and Common Core standards. The innovative blended-learning network features a turnkey digital platform, comprehensive professional development, and year-long expert support. Through Dr. Idit Harel’s efforts, she has promoted STEM and computing education across the world by modernizing education systems using the industry-standard tools and techniques. With Globaloria, students develop the STEM and 21st century skills needed for success in today’s digital knowledge economy.

STEM is an abbreviation of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education. Traditionally, these subjects have been taught independently of each other to students from kindergarten to 12th grade in America. STEM education, on the other hand, amalgamates Science, Engineering and Math highlighting that these disciplines are closely related and advocates that Technology can be utilized to unite them together. Globaloria includes one of the best Game Designing Programs that help students learn how to design, program and create video games on topics in Science, Math and other content areas. It can ignite the creativity and imagination of the students while making the process of learning STEM easier and exciting by allowing students to design and program their own unique educational games. It empowers them to design and code educational games by utilizing instructions provided by the teachers, team-based learning and online networking with professionals and peers.

The concept of STEM Game Design is extremely effective and unique in its own ways. Globaloria’s standards-aligned and unique curriculum uses the appeal of video games to inspire student learning and interest in STEM and computing subjects and careers.

Globaloria is also beneficial for the teachers as it provides them with essential tools and skills that they can use to make the job of teaching more creative and fun.

You can visit globaloria.com to learn more about Globaloria and how it can help students and teachers.