Gravespianos.com: Offers the finest new and used pianos

20/01/2014 14:56

Graves Piano & Organ Co. is pleased to announce that we are offering more than 400 musical instruments to fulfill the musical needs of our customers. We are thankful of our customers for making us Ohio's largest piano dealer. You can better call us one stop Piano Store where you can find a wide selection of Pianos. We offer pianos of different brands that include Steinway & Sons, Baldwin, Boston, Estonia, Hamilton, Yamaha, Baldwin, and many more. With us you can get the newest models and latest technology pianos which are desirable for every pianist.

We offer the best pianos to both home and institution. You can equip your institution with our modern and digital pianos. We provide a free institutional evaluation to help you figure out the best product line-up to fulfill your musical instrumental needs. We have Digital Grand pianos, Digital Upright Pianos, Harpsichord, and Multi-Piano Conferencing to offer you.

Graves also take pride in offering royal pianos of Steinway & Sons. We know that Steinway pianos are the first choice of pianists, but due to its high cost many piano lovers are not able to purchase it! To help piano lovers get royal pianos of Steinway & Sons, we are offering a huge range of used Steinway pianos so that pianists can easily Buy Steinway Piano from us.

All the Steinway used pianos that we offer are properly checked before final delivery. We check tuning stability, cracks and strength, soundboard, String Bridge, etc. to ensure that piano is in good condition. You will get the full value of your investment by purchasing Steinway Used from us.

About Company:

Graves Piano & Organ Co. is a reputable company offering world class pianos since 1960. Our first piano store is opened by Paul Graves in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, with 30 pianos. Our aim is to fulfill musical needs of piano lovers by providing them with quality pianos. We keep trying to increase the quality of our services and help you get the best piano and value in all price ranges.

If you want to buy our new and used pianos, you can visit our official website: https://www.gravespianos.com/.