Grivy: The First Travel and Leisure Activity Auction Site in Southeast Asia

17/10/2015 16:58

Technology has evolved so much over the past few years and now it is possible to do almost everything with just a few mouse clicks. Whether you want to chat with your friends, hail a taxi or pay your bills, technology has got you covered with effective solutions for your regular tasks. Hence, why shouldn’t there be a site where you can avail the best deals available in the market? You’d be glad to know that there is indeed a site for that called Grivy. Grivy is the first and most outstanding travel and leisure activity auction deals site in Southeast Asia that helps you get exciting offers, a discount voucher (voucher diskon) and coupons offered by various businesses in Jakarta, Bali and Bandung. Grivy is the highest rated auction deals site for travel and leisure activities and it presents you the best deals for bidding, winning and enjoying. It assists you discover reviews, events, offers, promotions, deals, rewards, coupons, loyalty benefits and leisure activities in the major cities in Indonesia.

At Grivy, you can explore an extensive range of exciting deals and lucrative offers on various products and services ranging from flight tickets and hotel bookings to restaurants and cafes to make up packages and auto detailing services and more offered by your nearby merchants. The deals can be browsed on the basis of city, preference and category which after filling these fields will display a wide selection on the screen. By providing unbelievable business offers (Penawaran Usaha) they have found a perfect balance between maximum profit and optimal occupancy. You can bid free of cost on your preferable deals at auction Jakarta (Lelang Jakarta) and win them instantly if you are fortunate enough! Payments can be made without any hassle through secure payment methods. Moreover, you don’t require any papers for redeeming the vouchers or coupons or any other offer.

If you are worried that your coupon will expire without you ever knowing, then worry not. Grivy.com will track the expiration date of your purchased vouchers. Apart from that, you can also participate in the real-time auction solution offered by this website, where you can decide the final price of the deals by yourself. There is a section of local travelling and leisure deals encompassing the thrill of competing with others and finally, wining them. Furthermore, these vouchers can be reserved and managed online. Grivy.com is a premium online website which offers you can fantastic deals on your favorite merchants.

For more details, visit their website, Grivy.com.