Ivcfilterlawyer.com: IVC Filter Lawyers to Prosecute IVC Filter Manufacturers

02/01/2016 14:43
Inferior Vena Cava Filter or IVC filter is a small coned shape device which is designed to detain an embolism or a blood clot from reaching the lungs. It is a type of vascular filter which is implanted in the inferior vena cava which is just beneath our kidneys to avoid severe pulmonary emboli. In many cases, blood clots that develop in veins (leg, pelvis) can eventually break up and some pieces of the clot can reach lungs which can cause a great damage. Thus, IVC filters capture large pieces of clots and prevent them from traveling through the vena cava vein to heart and lungs. If the pieces of clots reach heart or lung, it could lead to chronic situations which may even lead to death. There are many such cases when these devices are faultily manufactured by the companies which indeed lead to huge complications in the hearts and lungs of many. Thus, to claim against these manufacturers, the IVC filter lawyer San Diego strives to help innocents get compensation in a suitable manner.

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This firm has been formed by combination of two firms namely Karon & Dalimonte LLP and Toriseva Law. Moreover, both these firms are AV reviewed rated by Martindale-Hubbell which states that the attorneys working in these firms are highly qualified and have worked with highest degree of professional excellence. Thus, Ivcfilterlawyer.com is a reliable IVC filter lawyer Washington which can prosecute the manufacturers of defected IVC filters throughout the country. With their generous assistance and great approach, you can get compensated with the manufacturers.

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