Ivobe: Offering SAP Managed Hosting Services for Businesses

08/08/2016 14:52

Ivobe is a leading IT firm that provides impeccable services of managing and hosting your SAP systems and provides remote access to their SAP IDES servers for their clients dealing in various businesses. They endorse and are cognizant of the fact that in today’s dynamic business word, with its ever-changing demands, the key to not only survival but continuous success is evolution. At the core of their existence, they are inspired by how technology is becoming more than a mere facilitator. Technology is a spirit that enables and drives better ways to evolve as businesses, societies and as communities. Ivobe is a certified service provider of most effective SAP solutions. They specialize in offering vast array of services including SAP hosting services, SAP HANA and cloud solutions.

They deliver world-class SAP outsourcing services for managing, maintaining and hosting an extensive range of enterprise applications. With a large percentage of their global clients operating their processes through SAP, they have an extensive portfolio that offers best expertise for the companies worldwide. Ivobe is uniquely positioned to offer clients with infrastructure and hardware needed to assure a scalable, robust and secured environment for the optimal performance of SAP products, enabling web-based access to SAP applications from any place. Each data center from location and accessibility to redundancy and power density – are designed to guarantee its resiliency, security and efficiency.

SAP IDES stands for SAP Internet Demonstration & Evaluation System. “SAP IDES” are basically the demo systems running all SAP applications and models with sample data for demo. SAP IDES System can be used for different kinds of training like classroom training, online training or self-study as well as customer demos and presentations. Ivobe offers different kinds of SAP IDES subscriptions such as dedicated client, SAP shared access and SAP IDES dedicated server. The SAP dedicated client is specifically designed in a SAP system that cannot be shared with anyone and so, other clients cannot modify or customize the created data. SAP IDES shared access means that the data can be shared among multiple customers and they can modify or customize it. SAP IDES dedicated server relates to the system in which only you will have the access to server linked to the SAP system. Here, you can modify as well as develop data as per your choice. The SAP IDES servers by Ivobe are the licensed software that can be remotely accessed via internet.

Ivobe offers best platform for SAP training system via the most effective SAP IDES systems and hence, if you are looking for availing such cloud based services then Ivobe can be your reliable partner.

For more details, visit ivobe.com.