Know about Activities of the Muslim Brotherhod

26/12/2015 17:50

It has been decades since Muslim Brotherhood has been striving to get a hold on a position in the society where they can be a part of political reforms and social reforms in the society. The most important thing which Muslim Brotherhood has been focused on is to be able to make a better place for the Sunni Islamists in the society. They wish to take over a better place in the society, to be able to enjoy equality in society. Sunni Brothers who want to have a better status in the society have been asked again and again to join the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood. The brotherhood comprises of a number of wings which deals with different parts of the brotherhood, political and service wings are always looking for people to take a stand and come together for a better position in the society.

The history of Muslim Brotherhood is full of chapters where a lot of blood of people who came from this organization has been spilled. People have sacrificed their lives and stood tall to make a better place for Sunni brothers in the society. Over the time we have taken an over rigged elections, stood up against people even when our president was framed behind the bars, assassination of the people who dropped every drop of their blood and sweat for this organization. We still carry on spreading latest news about the Muslim world and how we are being discriminated by our own brothers. Shamed by different communities and how we can get away from all this and get to a better position in the society.

Over the years all we have learnt is we cannot get anywhere until and unless we come close and keep up our hopes and spirits, and not be afraid of taking steps to stand at a better place amongst the society. It is evident to stand tall and reply to those who won’t let us mark our existence in the society.

The history of The Muslim Brotherhood is full of bloodshed and political wars, but remembering all that which people stood for, the brotherhood would keep on moving ahead with the support of fellow Sunni brothers and that is what the prime goal for the organization is. The brotherhood does not support terrorism or fuel any hate filled feelings of people around the globe.

For more detailed information, visit Brotherhoodwatch.co.uk.