LED Grow Lights: An Innovative Way to Grow Houseplants

20/05/2015 16:35

Do you love indoor gardening? Do you want to garden year round? Are you searching for a cost effective solution to keep your finicky orchid alive? Or maybe you’re just looking to primp up an old house plant that seems a bit lifeless?

Well if so, then you must consider an LED grow light that gives you the ease to grow plants in your home without providing them direct sunlight. LED grow lights are finally powerful and effective enough to deliver outstanding indoor gardening results without crushing your wallet.

It is important to have a good quality LED grow light (also called LED plant lights) for indoor gardens. A high quality grow light will save you money over the long run because they last for many hours compared to traditional grow lights. In fact, LED grow lights can last for 50,000+ hours without needing to be replaced.

LED grow lights have come a long way. They are now offered in full spectrum bulbs which means you can start seedlings with them or take a plant through its full fruiting stage. If you’re looking to perk up a lifeless houseplant than a red/blue LED plant light will do the trick.

Unlike industry standard metal halide or high-pressured sodium lights, LED plant lights require no extrafans or ballasts.In fact, you can get an LED grow light that screws into a traditional light socket just like a lightbulb.

One really great resource for LED grow light is GrowHobby.com. They are a small family-owned business in central New York and are totally focused on their customers. We use and recommend there lights for all the reasons mentioned above and because they simply help us keep our houseplants alive and well.