Make Brewing Beer At Home an Enjoyable Experience

21/09/2015 12:22

Drinking beer, especially craft beer has grown exponentially over the past few years. New craft beer breweries are opening all over the country and that trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down. In fact, while consumption of beer from large domestic breweries has decreased, craft beer consumption has actually increased in the United States. Many people have realized that they can brew their own craft beer and that it’s just as good as beer found in their neighborhood brewery. Not only can normal people like you and me make great beer, home brewers are finding that it’s a fun activity with the possibility of saving money.

Brewing ingredients that are needed in the brewing process are easily available and you can get them directly to your door by visiting online store. All beers are brewed using a simple process. Ingredients always include a form of barley or wheat, hops, and yeast. Clarifiers, flavoring, adjuncts and various sugars can also be added. The flavoring products used add can add fruity, smoky, or oak flavors to your beer while sugars can increase alcohol content and/or enhance the sweetness of a beer. Home brewing is fun process and one can obtain consistent results by using quality ingredients, good brewing equipment (such as stainless steel brew kettles, carboys, and wort chillers), sanitizing properly, and carving out the time necessary (between 2-5 hours depending on the recipe).

One of the best places to get home brewing equipment and ingredients is at Brew-By-U. They offer brewing equipment, kegging equipment, top quality brewing ingredients, beer recipe kits, and soda extracts. The items at Brew-By-U are priced very competitively which means you can save a lot of money or buy more for the same money. Jeremy Hough is the owner of Brew-By-U and he is always happy to help answer questions and provide guidance so that you can brew the best home brew possible.

Brew-By-U is a brew on premise, therefore if you are new to brewing or don’t want to buy equipment quite yet, you have the option of brewing at their store. Customers do all of the brewing, but there are brew coaches available to guide and answer questions as you brew your favorite beer.

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