Make Your Journey Easier, Safer and Happier with Fiat Cars

16/02/2016 16:47

Fiat has never failed to surprise its users. Be it style, performance or comfort, you name it and Fiat has it in all its cars. Fiat, as a brand has never backed down from enhancing its range, performance and style. It surprised its customers and admirers by launching the Fiat 500 in year 1957. This car was regarded as one of the cheapest and most practical cars in the town.

Fiat 500 measured just 9 feet and 9 inches and was termed as one of the first city cars. The car was powered by a couple of 479 cc two-cylinder and that too with an air –cooled engine.

On the occasion of 50th anniversary of Fiat, Fiat launched 2016 Fiat 500 which was an enhanced version of 500. This car was given a good amount of styling and an enhanced version breathed new life after getting an admirable facelift. Some of the upgrades of the car include smart LED lights and a power packed engine.

Then entered the market, the bold 2016 Fiat 500X with a lot of innovation and added functionality. The designers of the car have topped up this model with driver-centric amenities, utility, capability and advanced security features.

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