Nick Dyrenfurth: An Author of Books on Australian Politics

13/07/2015 10:52

Politics is, without a doubt, one of the hottest topics on which people from all walks of life like to discuss. It is a topic that has no end and something new is always there to talk about. If you are one of those individuals who have keen interest in politics, then you will surely love to know about Australian Labor Party (ALP) and its history. It is one of the oldest labor parties in Australia and the first party to form a government. ALP not only attracted an extraordinary range of members, representatives, leaders, parliamentary unionists, activists as well as opponents, but also achieved remarkable success in winning government at all levels while making policies that completely changed the life of people. Australian labor party history is worth knowing and you will surely find some interesting things to know about.

Apart from this, Australian mateship is another important topic you must know about. It is Australian cultural idiom and Australia’s most talk about beliefs that embody loyalty, equality and friendship. You will be amazed to know that, the first Aussies to call each other mate were business partners. For almost everyone, mate is one of the nicest words in English language. So, what’s the history of mateship? Is there any shocking turn in this topic? Everything you can come to know by buying the best books that effectively highlight these readable topics.

Nick Dyrenfurth is an award winning author or editor of numerous books on Australian labor and political history as well as having published widely in leading academic journals namely Australian Journal of Political Science, Labor History, Australian Journal of Politics and History. His range of books includes: A Little History of the Australian Labor Party, All That’s Left: What Labor Should Stand For, Heroes & Villains: the Rise and Fall of the Early Australian Labor Party, Confusion: The Making of the Australian Two-Party System and others. These are the best books you can ever read on politics and other topics in Australia.

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