Open Door Counseling: Providing Useful Psychotherapies and Counselling Sessions in Overland Park

16/08/2016 18:05

Marriage crisis, betrayal in relationships, self neglect and inferiority complex born out of troubled interpersonal relationships leads to a disturbing experience and mental trauma that often worsens with time. The events that kick start these issues can be anything ranging from misinterpretation in relationships, abuse among partners to death of loved ones in some accidental situations. Crisis counseling is an intervention which can avail people to tackle the problems arising out of these situations with the help of appropriate support and assistance. Such counseling sessions must be availed from the most prominent professionals and well-taught experts to get the proper assistance and appropriate results. If you are someone looking for experienced and qualified counselor, then Open Door Counseling is the most optimal destination for you. Open door solution is a brain child of Leah Swindle, who holds a certification in play therapy from KC play therapy institute. She is considered the best children’s therapist in Overland Park and can provide you with most optimal emotional health of your child.

Leah Swindle has gained her initial experience from Phoenix Family Housing and then took a position of advocate at SAFEHOME, which is a domestic violence agency, where she understood the effect of domestic violence on an individual and their family. Then, at SAFEHOME she switched her role and became a coordinator for the Lethality Prevention Program. After that, Leah collaborated for SAFEHOME to start Critical Support Counseling Program, where she provided short term crisis counseling services to men and women. As she always has the passion for clinical skill and to take her skills further, she took position as a out-reach therapist at SAFEHOME. She has gained her expertise in providing counseling to men, women, teens, children and families who have suffered domestic violence. She can offer you with the most effective adolescent counseling in Overland Park. Leah works with her clients in tandem and enjoys her work to help them in achieving their personal goals.

With the brains and skills of Leah Swindle, you can rest assured that at Open Door Counseling, you will receive the most efficient psychotherapy to overcome your problems. At Open Door Counseling, they are eager to help you with the achievement of your best emotional health. They can help you achieve your therapeutic goals with the best therapist and comforting environment. Open Door Counseling is recommended as one of the best EMDR therapists in Overland Park, which is integrative psychotherapy approach, effective for the treatment of trauma. They strive to offer you a private and non-judgmental atmosphere, where you can heal and move towards the new beginning for yourself.

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