Peter Suchy Jewelers: The Best Vintage Jewelry Providers

17/11/2015 12:26

Engagement ring is the symbol of love, a symbol of togetherness and hence is always very special for every couple. This ring holds a charm that can be compared with no other ring. So why not make it more special and add more value to it? These days, a lot of people are attracted towards vintage and antique jewelry. These treasures from past can make your loved one feel more loved and valued. Such vintage engagement ring possesses a special aura that draws a lot of attention. It is that piece of jewelry whose value does not depreciate with time; rather it appreciates and gets better.

Peter Suchy Jewelers is the most dedicated jewelers around, who provide with the finest vintage and antique jewelry. The owner, Peter Suchy, has turned his passion for these historic jewelry pieces, into his profession. Located in Stamford, Connecticut, his jewelry store is even regarded as the antique jewelry museum. They stock all types of jewelry including Art Deco, Edwardian, retro, and modern, as well as those from the remarkable Victorian and Georgian periods. Peter Suchy has worked for 20 years as a bench jeweler and has also attained his degrees from Gemological Institute of America, which today makes him one of the finest jewelers, you’d ever come across. All his vintage and antique jewelry is GIA certified.

If you ever plan to propose your loved one with an art deco sapphire engagement ring, then Peter Suchy Jewelers is the right place for you to shop the ring. At Peter Suchy Jewelers, you will also find a range of rings that are made out of the famous ‘Pink Gold’. Rings here consist if gems, sapphires, diamonds and some fine artistic work which hard to find anywhere else.

Peter Suchy Jewelers is one of those jewelers who have proved their worth in the vintage jewelry industry. Since vintage jewelry is not something that you would find at every departmental store, it is highly recommended that you purchase such antique estate jewelry from reliable jewelers like Peter Suchy. You will also be assisted by trained staff when you visit Peter Suchy Jewelers, who will help you pick out the most beautiful ring for your loved one. An online purchase of these vintage jewelries can also be made, which will help you to get classic jewelry pieces right at your doorstep.

For more details, you can visit their website, petersuchyjewelers.com.