Pipe Stand: To Get Perfect Pipe Weld Every Time

11/06/2015 17:01

It is a fact that pipeline industry relies heavily on precision weld works and assembly of the pipes. Given the fact that, pipelines are used to transport oil, natural gas and various other important liquids, the pipeline construction project is something that cannot be overlooked or taken lightly. The job of pipeline welding has turned out to be highly sophisticated and deliberate these days and they demand top-of-the-range tools and equipment both onsite and in the workshop. For that, a large number of tools and equipment are used such as pipe stand, pipe beveling equipment, pipe rollers, pipe grooving and pipe welding equipment.

One of the most essential equipment used in the pipe welding operation is pipe the stand. The first and foremost job is to handle and roll the pipe safely and effectively. The welding pipe stands are designed to the highest standards and are used for rolling, supporting and handling pipe easily and safely. Pipe roller stands deliver the required support to the rolling pipe in welding positioning task. These tools assist the welders in positioning equipment, which further help them in maneuvering and handling large assemblies. Professionals cannot afford to compromise on the quality and reliability of the equipment and tools they use and if they do so, then it can be very risky for them.

There are various types of welding pipe stands available out there in different models, styles, sizes and specifications. The tools are utilized in a number of applications including Pipeline Construction, Gas Plant Construction, Module Construction, Rig Welding, Shutdown Maintenance Programs and various others. If you are looking for top quality pipe stands and roller tables then Purple Engineering is the largest and most trustworthy distributor of welding pipe stands in Australia that can fulfill your entire needs with ease.

Based in Australia, Purple Engineering is a renowned company that offers an extensive range of equipment for Onshore and Offshore Pipeline, Oil and Gas and Marine Industries. They carry the largest selection of welding pipe stands, pipeline rollers, pipeline Alignment rollers and vessel rollers with different load ratings, roller heads, roller directions and certifications. Purple Engineering offers the most exceptional tools and equipment for all kinds of pipeline operations and workshop use.