Rawabit.com: Addressing IT infrastructure support needs of the businesses

01/05/2014 17:26

Welcome to Rawabit.com, the official website of Rawabit Technology Limited. Located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Rawabit Technology Limited is the highest rated and reputable liability company that is committed to fulfill the mounting IT infrastructure support needs of the businesses throughout the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We provide the widest range of cutting edge solutions and services to help modern day business to make the most of the latest technology resources and take their business to the next level.

We have collaborated with ELM Information Security that is a governmental company which offers brilliant electronic security services in the country. Nowadays, private sector firms and organizations require confidential governmental information for different purposes like gaining authenticated and reliable information about the expatriates working in their firm. The singular motive behind establishing a partnership agreement with ELM is to provide superior and secured e-business services to the private sector organizations. Moreover, this tie-up with ELM gives us the privilege to promote and sell their Muqeem e-services. Moukam (موقيم) is basically a portal that enables you to connect the authorized representative of your organization to the General Departments of Passport. With this link up, you can get updated information about the foreign employees working in your organization apart from giving you the access to issue, extend and cancel re-entry visas.

Muqeem e-services even allow you to issue final exit visas as well as help you in Iqama renewal. Rawabit Technology Limited is committed to help you in getting access to Muqeem e-services and with our generous guidance; you can carry out visa related tasks of your employees from the comforts of your home or office while getting your billable hours and money saved. In addition to this, with Rawabit Technology Limited you also get access to the Tam portal. This is recognized as a portal specially designed for Transport and Automobile sector which offers direct access to the database of Traffic Department.

The authorized representatives of automobile showrooms, car rental companies, insurance and financing companies or any other companies related to Transport and Automobile sector can easily inquire about transactions, especially on selling and buying apart from gaining access to the electronic records of the traffic department. Over and above this, Rawabit Technology Limited offers various other services that include but are not limited to software development, web development, graphic designing and networking services to help modern companies expand and succeed.

So, what are you waiting for? Log on to https://www.rawabit.com/ to learn more about our services and dial 966-1-2791093 to speak to us.