Restore Your Old Pool with These New Cheap Techniques

20/01/2017 14:43

Swimming pools like all other man made things are susceptible to damage. Pools often have cracks in their surface, get chemically imbalanced and have broken tiles to tend to after a few years of use. Now since re-investing in a new pool is a costly affair, what if you could renovate it? Take a look as to how you can renovate your old swimming pool into a better one and that too cheaply!

Plaster & Cement Surfaces:

Pool Restoration Des Moines is done when there is considerable damage to the pool in areas such as chipped plaster of the pool. Plasters can be white or colored depending upon choice. Cement based surfaces are susceptible to water chemistry imbalances, thus, plasters which are:

· Not heated,

· Not cracked,

· Always kept chemically maintained, and

· Always kept full of water

Are recommended to makes sure their structure is intact.

Texture DEK:

Des Moines Pool Renovation can be done by changing the DEK with a new textured DEK with acrylic and latex texture toppings mixed with cement to make sure your DEK stays cool on hot days.

New Tiles:

Put on some new tiles around your old pool and give it a new lookby using frost proof tile patterns such as school mascots, targets and end breaks.

New Interior:

Resurface your old pool interior with the new INTER-GLASS® pool interior which is suitable for both heated and free pools. This revolutionary interior is PVC free and does not blister like paint or PVC membranes.

All of the above ways to renovate your pool can be used on all sorts of pools, old or new and can be done at cheap prices. One such company famed for restoring and renovating pools is Mid-America Pool Renovation Inc. They offer exceptional renovation services for pools and are known for giving your pool a completely new makeover. Besides this, they also make your pool safe for use.

About Mid-America Pool Renovation Inc.:

Mid-America Pool Renovation Inc. is a premium grade swimming pool resurfacing and restoration company working across the U.S.A. They have over 30 years of experience in providing Des Moines Pool Plaster, Restoration and Renovation services.

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