Sbeinspection.com: Offering Real-time Quality Inspection and Quality Control Services

25/09/2015 15:23

The Asian countries like China and India provide the most affordable labor for mass manufacturing and production of finished or assembled goods. This is the reason why multinational brands outsource their manufacturing to these countries which phenomenally increases the profit margins. Although the countries in the Asian region have evolved gradually to meet up to the global standards of quality and workmanships, yet, it’s a long way to go. Thus, there always remains a doubt on the quality aspects of the goods produced for the overseas brands in these countries. Eventually there is a need of standardized quality control parameters and quality assurance to be adhered to, and they need to be in favor with the company’s brands.

With the fast paced growth in infrastructure of manufacturing and production industries, it was made mandatory for the brands to encase their product with quality assurance. Quality control inspection is a practice through which the brands can keep a check over the finished products for any issues or defects that might have risen at the time of production or shipment. For the purpose of distributing only the permissible standard’s merchandise to go over the market for sale, our firm hosts quality control processes for many international brands that have majorly outsourced their production in the Asian counties. Our real-time monitoring interface is unique and works to the best benefit of the brand as the least time is spent over the testing and result processing.

Asia inspection is needed to be done over various points in the production flow i.e. at pre-production level as well as the post-production proceedings like shipment. Our China inspection services are ISO9001:2008 certified and providing the best QA & QC services since 2003. Our consultation solicits the strict implementation and real-time monitoring of the quality aspects which leaves the brand at the utmost peace of mind regarding the product quality going up for sale in the market.

At SBE Inspection & Compliance, we thrive to ensure high strata of quality assurance for overseas brands; that are trading equipments or even finished products from the Asian region. We are a brand working towards a better goodwill of other brands and empowering their business to stand high in stature in the international market. Our team of extremely capable engineers provides at the earnest the industry required processes including pre-production inspection, container loading supervision and R&D quality control. Our certification provides the upper hand to your outsourced merchandise production. You can always be sure about the quality of the goods, as you can monitor everything over the Internet in real-time where ever in the world you are.

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