Search13F.com: A Reliable Source to Get Information on Fund Reports

10/06/2016 14:02

Search13F.com is a leading website that gathers the information submitted with the Securities and Exchange Commission by filers of form 13F such as hedge funds and other money managers. SEC form 13-F is a quarterly filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), also recognized as the Information Required of Institutional Investment Managers Form. Brokers, dealers, insurance companies, pension funds, banks, and investment advisers and trading companies are required to file SEC Form 13-F providing positional level details about all the institutional investment managers with more than $100m in AUM (Assets under Management) and prospectively a list of their recent investment holdings.

You can see the offshore and onshore hedge fund reports, AUM, portfolio values, current portfolio, employees, holdings, turnover, new positions, sector weights, sentiment, top 10 holdings and much more on their website. SEC Form 13-F is actually utilized by investors when the investment manager reports them accurately and honestly. The list of 13F securities should be submitted by the fund manager no more than 45 days after the end of the March, June, September, and December quarters.

It has proven that holding data is still valuable when released. All you need to do is focus on funds that hold long-term securities and have high conviction picks. Search13F.com offers a set of tools to help you track the presentation of asset managers and hedge fund just by evaluating and organizing their reported 13-f filings. After collecting these filings on a regular basis, they are processed and structured to create actionable insight for users. The website provides the users with an advantage of comparing quarter to quarter changes in 13F portfolios.

Search13F.com quarterly checks with the SEC about new 13f filings postings, and if any new posting is found then it is automatically relapsed by them. One may understand more about the stocks that are being sold or bought by comparing previous quarters with existing holdings.

If you too are looking out for a reliable platform from where you can access accurate and authentic information about investor manager and stock turnover, then Search13F.com is the most recommendable site for you.

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