Search13F.com: Helping You to Source Financial Data Directly from SEC

10/06/2016 13:06

Search13F.com is a prominent web-based platform which endeavors to collect the financial trade information from the Securities and Exchange Commission by those who file the Sec Form 13F which includes hedge funds and other money managers. In other words, the website proffers an easy and simplistic way to provide information to the public about the dynamics of securities ownership by investment managers. Banks, insurance companies, investment advisers, pension funds, broker-dealers and other trading businesses may file SEC form 13F. This form is ought to be filed within forty five days of the end of each quarter and it may encompass information about hedge fund manager and a list of their recent investment holdings.

At Search13F.com, they aim to provide information to their clients regarding multiple quarters that can make them aware about useful financial trade perspective which includes information on stocks and their current value and volatility. Also, they lay emphasis on alternative, per security, representation, aggregating data from filings which are submitted over the course of years. At their website, you can get the hedge fund reports and industry’s collective sentiment on your stock picks; you can generate new investment ideas based on hedge fund holdings, find the hedge fund managers and learn about their investment choices.

Securities and Exchange Commission published an official list of 13-F securities that includes most of NYSE and NASDAQ-traded stocks which are followed by other stocks and derivatives. You can search for retrieving form 13f filings with the help of SEC’s database. The website offers you a screener with which you can understand the turnover of a stock and make a hold or buy decision. It also gives you a comprehensive view of the number and the volume of transactions in shares and not just their net change in value over time.

The website gives you all details of the Sec 13f , which is a form that provides investors with a keen look at the holdings of the largest hedge funds. In other words, this form can seamlessly provide them with valuable insight into the management functions. So, if you are someone who is seeking a prominent platform that can help you in accessing the required information about the investor manager and so on, then you should straightway head to Search13F.com.

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