Sheffield Academy: Improves your English and Business Management Skills

21/10/2016 14:13

Being able to interact with people throughout the world is a prerequisite for becoming a successful person. You get to know what the industry demands, how do your customers value your product and how you can match the level of competencies of your competitors. For all such communications, knowing English language has become a must since it is spoken widely all over the world. Also, being well versed in Business management skills helps you to understand all aspects of your business and maintain relations with your partners. Those skills also develop a knack for inducing innovation in your work. Well, do you think lacking in any of the above qualities is repressing your confidence to shine bright under the sun? It’s high time that you put a cessation to all your inhibitions. Enroll for a course with Sheffield Academy and notice the remarkable difference in you!

Sheffield is an academy having its base in Malaysia which is going the extra mile with students coming from all over the world to develop the required skills by offering the following courses:

  • Advance English speaking course
  • IELTS Preparation course Malaysia
  • Hospitality Management
  • Business Management
  • Soft skills & Variety of short technical courses.

The duration of English speaking course stretches for 12 months with 27 hours per week contact hours. A day’s curriculum is divided into a morning and an afternoon session ensuring timely break and reduced weariness. The class strength is kept small to ensure personal attention to each and every student. Its classrooms are well equipped with LCD projectors and modern furniture making the classroom learning interesting and very comfortable. Its IELTS Preparation course Malaysia ensures that students build up self confidence before taking the IELTS. Their timely test schedules and doubt clearing sessions with highly qualified teachers leave no stone unturned in your preparations.

They don’t just specialize in English improvement skills but they have started to develop strong footing in Business and hospitality management courses as well. Given that Malaysia is a huge tourist hub, your practical training in hospitality management can’t get better in any other place. Number of admissions in the academy has been increasing due to world class faculty lectures at affordable fee. Short courses in Malaysia like automation course, mechanical engineering and productivity & management have attracted many students even from outside the country.

Apart from being situated in the breathtaking locations of Kuala Lumpur, the campus is just two minutes away from the local transport system and city’s best shopping arena. If you want yourself to reach greater heights with impeccable language skills, you must enroll for the course with Sheffield and you’ll yourself feel the change.

For more details, you may log on to sheffield.edu.my