UAVLance: Providing a Wide Range of Services for all Your Drone Demands

19/01/2017 15:19

The technology of drones and UAVs has gained immense popularity due to the rapid changes in business and commercial needs these days. The equipment have become a part of every industry and organizations since their arrival. At UAVLance, they put these flying gizmos in use for various aerial needs of businesses and other non-commercial purposes as well. Well, whether it’s about video coverage of your wedding event from the bird’s eye view or monitoring your logistics cargo, getting your product delivered via air or mapping your property land, UAVLance does it all.

There is no doubt that marketing and advertising have now become more effective than ever in the age of drones and automated aerial machines. If you are a business owner looking for a reliable UAV services in your area, then UAVLance is the name you should take into consideration. They provide a comprehensive job posting and bidding portal for pilots as well as employers and hence, one can find best pilots who have thorough experience of UAV handling and performance. You can hire drone pilot for all your commercial and personal tasks. They provide a platform for services like:-

· Job creation and pilot bidding platform

· Largest collection of recent full time UAV opportunities

· Local and amateur drone racing platform

· Drone rentals and sales

· Largest database of droneattorneys, insurance and repair companies

· Pilot certification through the Pilot Skills Assessment Center

At UAVLance, you can get information on all the drone events happing in your area. And if you are looking to rent a drone, then their drone rental portal enables you to search the most suitable drone offered by the most reputable drone rental companies across the US. Their highly reliable sales portal and selection tools can help you find the most suitable deals on drones from a wide variety of resources across the internet.

If you’re looking to become a drone pilot yourself, you’ve come to the right site, indeed.

UAVLance helps you find drone opportunities across the USA. The jobs are posted by some of the popular recruiters searching for pilots. This unique platform is intended to empower the growing popularity of drones, drone services and drone racing events in the world. So, whether you are looking for drone jobs, drone racing events, drone rentals, or more this is the one-stop destination for all your drone needs at affordable costs.

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