Understanding Homecare VS Nursing Home

23/01/2014 12:59

It’s no small task when you’re faced with choosing long term care for your elderly loved one. The choice between home care aids and nursing home care isn’t exactly clearly black and white because no two people have the same needs, requirements, and limitations and what works well for one family may not work at all for your situation.

You may have a full time job and aren’t sure you will still have energy to assist with the care of your loved one after hours. Some families choose to have the home health aide agency provide care around the clock while other families feel that they still want to be involved somewhat in their family member’s care and only want the help of home health aides during the hours they are working.

The beauty of hiring health aides through a home health care agency is that it’s easy to make adjustments and changes to the schedule to fit your circumstances. With a staff of trained health aides, the home health care agency is prepared to meet your need for more or fewer hours.

The planning and paperwork involved with hiring a home health aide in brooklyn ny can feel overwhelming since this is all new to you and sometimes a nursing home just seems easier.

However, if you consider the personal touch that can only be provided by a home health aide brooklyn has a wonderful agency that can put your worries to rest. Quality Healthcare home health care agency has been providing elderly home care for nearly 20 years in the New York area.

While there may be occasions where a nursing home would work out best…you may live in another state and this could be a time to consider nursing home care. If your own health is extremely poor, you may not have the strength to be the help you’d like to be to your loved and cannot set up or manage home care for them.

There are chronic health conditions where your loved one may only need assistance with meals and bathing. It makes sense to allow them to stay in their own home as long as possible since they can still do much for themselves. And we all know, there’s no place like home!

Nursing home care is usually the last option. Anyone, young or old, does not want to give up their beloved familiar surroundings and what freedom they have to come and go as they please, or the comfort of being near lifelong neighbors and family members.

If you do decide to use the services of a nursing home, be sure to visit the home and see for yourself if the care seems adequate, does the food taste good (taste it – meals are a big part of the elderly person’s day- with not much else to do so you want them to at least enjoy meal time!), is the facility as clean as you’d like, and finally…does it seem well staffed (most nursing homes aren’t well staffed so do your own checking no matter what their brochure says).

Both options cost money. Consider which care will give you the most peace of mind. Will your loved one get the attention they need and will they be happy?