Use the New Mixcloud Bot & SoundCloud Bot to Boost Your Audience

09/01/2017 12:37

SoundCloud has developed itself as the hub of new music. SoundCloud receives more than 250 million active users every month. With the entire music crowd sourced from its users SoundCloud helps to find better talent also. People with talent in music can upload there tunes and songs on SoundCloud and find bigger audience. With an interface which is extremely simple to use, SoundCloud has made a name for itself in promoting new talent and new music. It not only helps them find an audience but also gives them the opportunity to add there bios and links to their websites or pages on social media.

Mixcloud bot is another upcoming online music streaming service which allows listening and distribution of radio shows, DJ mixes and podcasts. These are crowd sourced from its registered user base of more than 3 million active users and 500 thousand registered users of its Facebook application. Users can not only upload content but also share via Mixcloud’s own social networking widget.

Mixcloud bot developed by Xorbots.com has easy to use interface, free lifetime updates, easy downloads and many more features making it more and more appealing for those who intend to promote their own music.

Xorbots.com has also developed a SoundCloud Automator which is the industry’s best SoundCloud Bot to grow your audience on SoundCloud. The bot automatically follows or unfollows users, manages comments and plays tracks to enhance your audience.

It was launched with these basic features:

· Instant Downloads

· Free lifetime update

· One time purchase

· Delay functionality

· Track plays increaser

· Tracks download increaser

· User-Agent changer

· Video tutorials

And more such features which make it the best in the industry. The updates of the bot have the upgraded its use even more with these top of the line features like mass track liker, SoundCloud track uploader, mass message sender, follow back followers automatically, mass group joiner/leaver etc.

Many more of such exciting features are available on regular free updates. These features are bound to help grow your audience and will promote your music further amongst SoundCloud users.

For more information log onto: Xorbots.com.