Win against Premature Ejaculation and Get Your Mojo Back!

01/02/2017 04:30

Premature ejaculation is a growing disorder amongst men. Ejaculating earlier than the satisfaction levels of you and your partners is called premature ejaculation. It is caused due to stress, lack of self-confidence and other psychological disorders. Premature ejaculation is also caused due to over excitement of a man.

The condition, premature ejaculation may lead to self-sabotaging behavior, decrease in self-confidence, and reduction in your partner’s satisfaction. It may also lead to increase in anxiety. To control such excitement, control of mind and body is necessary and this can be done via meditation or hypnosis.

While there are many cures available for its treatment in the market, most of them involve the use of pills or gels which have side effects such as burning sensation or lack of erection etc. Premature ejaculation treatment (eyaculación precoz tratamiento) can have its side effects and finding a treatment without such side effects is very difficult. Each individual faces different side effects due to different reactions on them.

One treatment which does not have any side effects and does not involve any variety of pills or gels is the Updura program. It is an audio program which uses the techniques of hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, meditation and self suggestive training. All these methods help you keep your body in control and you won’t askagain-How to hold more in bed (como aguantar mas en la cama)? This audio program stimulates your brain to control your body with sounds that trigger your body to last longer.

While we know how Hypnosis works, in this audio program it focuses on hypnosis to overpower the lack of resistance towards ejaculation. Neuro-Linguistic programming involves the use of words which trigger your mind to remain calm and stress free and give you the much needed confidence in bed. Similarly, meditation can help you know how to cure premature ejaculation (como curar la eyaculación precoz) as it helps in keeping you calm and not confused during high ecstatic circumstances during sex. On similar lines, self-suggestive training involves developing positive mental attitude to increase self-confidence.

All these processes have no side-effects and have proven results to control premature ejaculation and make sure you reach your satisfaction levels. Updura has shown results of progress as soon as 8 days but each body reacts differently to this stimulus.

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